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Holiday Gift Idea: Winter Eyewear

For those interested in skiing or snowboarding, eye protection can make a great thoughtful gift! Consider protection from ultraviolet rays, glare, and wind. Special filters and anti-glare coatings in a wraparound design with specific venting to prevent fogging are all great options. Cross country skiers, outdoor family leisure activities and dedicated outdoor walkers can choose from a variety of brand names and styles. Some even have interchangeable lenses designed for different altitudes, terrain, and light conditions to protect the cornea, intraocular lens and retina. In many cases, prescription lenses are available. Check with your Optometrist for that special Christmas eyewear gift!

In Your Neighborhood

Good Neighbours Active Living Centre (720 Henderson Highway) is holding a series of Holiday Concerts:
December 1 – Choristers Christmas Concert at River East Mennonite Brethren Church, 755 McLeod, $15 – tickets at the door
December 13 – Harmonica and Sing it Like You Mean It Concert– No Charge
December 20 – Recorder and Handbells Concert – No Charge.
Refreshments follow each concert. Please call 204-669-1710 for more information.

Consider Keto BHB Supplements

If you are thinking about a Keto Diet, or are already following one, consider
taking Keto BHB Supplements. They contain Calcium, Sodium, and Magnesium.
When starting the diet they prevent the “Keto Flu” (not a virus, but a lack of energy
and feeling of malaise) Without the supplement you don’t have enough ketones for
energy and have soon used up the 500gm of carbs stored as glycogen in your
muscles and liver. Once on the diet, these supplements help during intermittent
fasting by keeping up the ketone levels in your bloodstream.

Healing Cell Signaling

The human body has between fifty and three hundred billion cells. Inside every cell, we have mitochondria (some cells have thousands). Mitochondria, when functioning properly, produce redox signaling molecules. Cell signaling carry life-sustaining messages to cells, and your cells respond to those messages, keeping you alive and healthy. As we age, cell signal weakens they can disrupt gene expression. But if you had a way to regulate gene activity with redox signaling molecules, cellular communication would remain strong. Our bodies heal on a cellular level, and the genetic instructions that dictate healthy body function don’t get through without redox signaling.

Achieving a Healthy Core

A healthy core needs two main things: strength and mobility. This is what makes it functional. A functional core will keep you upright and maintain proper posture, support you safely through your daily movements, and protect your organs. In addition, your risk of herniation (both disc and organ) will also decrease with a healthy core. Working on movement progressions (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), along with generally moving more than you are sedentary, is a great way to keep your core healthy. Talk to your chiropractor about ways you can safely strengthen and support your core and feel better!

Love Keeps You Healthy

Being in love not only gives you a bounce in your step, but it also has several proven health benefits. When you are in love, your brain produces a hormone called dopamine that contributes to feelings of elation, pleasure, optimism, energy, and a sense of well-being. Physical touch, such as hugging, releases a hormone called oxytocin, which lowers stress hormones. Studies have demonstrated that people releasing these hormones have stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, greater resistance to colds and flus, and decreased stress and depression. Finding your life partner has more benefits than we once realized!

Exercise for SAD

SAD stands for Seasonal Affected Disorder, which is mainly attributed to the reduction in sunlight hours in winter and is your body’s reaction to the changes in season. With SAD you might feel sluggish or moody, have a loss of appetite, and even lose interest in activities you normally love. One way to combat these feelings and the wintertime blues is to get your body moving! Exercise, even light exercise, has been shown to improve mood and energy through increased blood flow and the release of certain endorphins, as well as improve sleep and alertness, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Smart in Everything but Reading?

Children who are considered bright underachievers often have vision problems that make reading difficult. Sometimes they’re described as auditory learners because they can remember things they’ve heard much faster and easier than anything they’ve read. A clear sign that a vision problem may be at the root of your child’s difficulties is poor performance on written or standardized tests. It may surprise you to learn that many children who have vision problems interfering with learning actually have 20/20 eyesight (with or without glasses). A Developmental Vision Evaluation is needed to determine if a vision problem is interfering with reading.

Prevent Hospital Stays with Early Treatment

Many seniors hesitate to see a doctor because they are afraid their condition may put them in the hospital. In reality, seeing a doctor sooner with a medical concern can prevent long hospital stays. A common example is found when a person develops urinary dysfunction. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common but overlooked cause of dehydration, lethargy, and altered mental status. Early detection can minimize the severity of the condition. A prolonged UTI can lead to sepsis wherein a person becomes very ill. Community Paramedics Service provides economical non-emergency assessment and transportation. Don’t wait until you become an emergency.

Special Care for Senior Pets

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, and those with senior pets know that they offer unique benefits and lots of love. As pets age, they need our care even more, with regular veterinary checkups and a focus on dental health to avoid periodontal disease and other associated health problems. When you’re away from home, use only a professional pet sitter experienced in caring for senior pets. Pet owners should inquire about a potential pet sitter’s experience with senior pets and any specific training they’ve had, such as Pet First Aid & a Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting Program.

Home Remedy for Denture Pain

Sometimes dentures can cause pain or discomfort, especially if your dentures are old or ill-fitting. Did you know that cloves are an excellent remedy for oral pain? Eugenol, the main ingredient in cloves has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Thus, it works as a pain reliever and helps disinfect your mouth. Grind a few cloves to get ½ teaspoon of powder. Mix a few drops of olive oil into the ground cloves. Apply it onto your sore gum. Wait 5 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Repeat 2 times per day until gum feels better.