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Take it Step by Step

It’s been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Successful people don’t necessarily set out to do big things, but they do a lot of little things that accumulate into huge triumphs. What’s the thing you want to change in your life? A relationship, an addiction, a problem at work, your health? Even though you might have a big goal in mind, try to boil it down to one or two “next steps” and focus on those. This approach will offer up a cycle of positive reinforcement that will help achieve your bigger dreams.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

In today’s distracted world, where people are panicked when they don’t have instant access to their electronics, face-to-face meetings can be a foreign concept. When getting to know someone, it is important that they feel you are giving them your undivided attention. Cell phones need to be on silent and put away while on a date. Exes are not discussed. Communication needs to be real. Texting and emailing are not appropriate ways to get to know someone. Take the time to call them and have a real conversation. Do an activity on your date where you have ample time to get to learn more about the person. Mini golf, bowling, the zoo, or walking through craft shows are some suggestions that allow you to get to know one another without pressure.

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance helps with imbalances in the body, by activating the body’s ability to heal itself and regulate its processes. It can help with allergies, organ-specific harmonization, muscles, bones, tissues, causal factors (i.e. nutritional deficiencies, pathogens, environmental toxins), etc. Some of the many conditions that can be treated with Bioresonance therapy include immune system strengthening, improved digestion, skin conditions, thyroid imbalances, and chronic conditions. The number of treatments required depends on a number of factors, as each individual will have different needs.

Using Over The Counter Medications Safely

Over the counter medications can treat many conditions and make you feel better but not all of them may be appropriate for you! For example, certain OTC medications may not be recommended if a patient has high blood pressure or if they’re pregnant. Certain OTC medications may also interact with other prescription meds that a patient has. If a healthcare professional has told you that the OTC medication is safe to use, also make sure you are following the directions properly! Contact your pharmacist to find out if you can safely use your OTC medications of if you have any other health related questions!

Identifying Thoracic Spine Pain

The thoracic spine (upper back) serves as an anchoring point for your ribs and plays an important role in trunk range of motion and organ protection. There are many ways to injure the thoracic spine, with blunt trauma, hyperextension, and forced rotation being the most common. Pushing and pulling activities like shovelling will typically worsen thoracic symptoms. Discomfort with deep breathing or arm elevation will tend to aggravate a rib dysfunction, while pain with coughing and sneezing could indicate a problem with the rib joint. Osteoarthritic pain in the thoracic spine gradually worsens throughout the day.

Gramma’s Home Remedy

Did your gramma ever put honey on your skin when you got scrapes and bruises as a child? The saying is that putting honey on our wounds will help them heal faster and reduce the appearance of scars. The honey is antibacterial and will kill germs and bacteria on your face. Dermatologists agree that it will help scars fade, especially ones caused by acne. Some have found that honey in face masks has done beautiful things for their skin. Natural Ingredients that have partnered well with honey are lemon, aloe vera, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar. (Not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional) Maggie Makaruk DD, Anna’s Denture Clinic

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Q: Where did the hippo go to study about the brain? A: The hippocampus!
FUN FACT: The hippocampus is a region of your brain that helps form, organize, and store memory. It is the most sensitive area to stress.

Clean Eating: Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients: 2 frozen ripe bananas, 1/4 cup chopped ripe pineapple, 3/4 – 1 cup light coconut milk, 2 tsp matcha green tea powder, 1 heaping cup organic spinach or kale. Topping ideas: Fresh berries, coconut flakes, banana slices, chia Seeds, slivered roasted almonds. Instructions: Add frozen banana slices, pineapple, coconut milk, matcha powder, and spinach to a blender and blend on high until creamy and smooth. Add only as much coconut milk as you need to help it blend. You want this smoothie somewhere between scoopable and drinkable. Divide between two serving bowls and top with desired toppings. Enjoy!

Community Announcement

Would you like to test your cardiovascular health? Natural dietary supplements may reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors by improving blood lipid profiles, reducing inflammation and improving endothelial function. The purpose of this study is to see if the dietary supplement Cardioflex can improve cardiovascular disease risk factors in healthy adults. Are you healthy and between the ages of 30 to 65? Are you willing to commit to drinking a supplement once per day for 90 days? Have not used prescription cholesterol or blood pressure medication in the last 3 months. Receive a Free comprehensive cardiovascular disease assessment testing and Free supplements. For more information, Contact OR (204) 272-1555.

Do You Have a Valentine?

Are you single on Valentine’s Day? Although it is only a day, it is representative of where your love life is at. Finding yourself single can be very isolating in today’s couples’ oriented society. People often start out with online dating and become increasingly frustrated and disappointed with the games and lack of accountability. As a professional matchmaker with over 25 years of experience, I have facilitated thousands of successful love connections that are still going strong many years later. As a matter of fact, I just received a call from a couple I matched 23 years ago. They called to thank me and let me know I enabled them to live a life of love.

Problem Gambling Among Seniors

Many seniors enjoy gambling, whether it be bingo, racetrack betting, or casino gambling. For most, it is a harmless form of entertainment. But how do you know when a senior loved one’s gambling has become a problem? Some signs might be 1) bragging about gambling and exaggerating wins while ignoring or minimizing losses, 2) borrowing money for gambling, and 3) lying about the amount of time/money they spend gambling. Talk to your senior loved one about their problem gambling and determine what possible causes may exist. Encourage them to get help and let them know they have your support.