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3 Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

You will need: 2 peeled and frozen bananas, 2 T almond or peanut butter, 2 T almond or coconut milk. Optional add ins: nuts, chocolate chips, fruit, coconut, cocoa powder. Directions: In a blender, mix the bananas and the milk substitute. You may need to cut the banana into chunks depending on how powerful your blender is. Once they are partly chopped up, add in the nut butter. Continue to blend until you get a soft serve consistency. Spoon ice cream into a bowl and stir in any additional ingredients you desire. That’s it! Enjoy this healthy ice cream alternative!

Book Club: Beyond the Label

Beyond the Label offers a unique perspective on mental health: it shares the author’s own recovery from four major mental health conditions: anxiety, depression (attempted suicide), bulimia, and bipolar disorder type 1. The book outlines a detailed, step-by-step plan for how others can achieve optimal mental health. A combination of practical clinical experience and years of lived experience, the book shares insight into how diet, exercise, and sleep can be optimized for improved mental wellbeing, as well as strategies for coping with negative thoughts and emotions, and building self-love and compassion, among other skills.

Wellnessnews Welcome

I hope you enjoy the ‘soft launch’ edition of the Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living® in White Rock | South Surrey! Healthy living means making positive daily choices and taking personal ownership to enrich our lives in areas such as our physical, emotional, social, occupational, financial, and spiritual wellbeing. Fortunately, our wellness can always be enriched through education, awareness, and practice. We strive to be the community resource that showcases health tips, local opportunities, and resources; plus, the variety of health practitioners and businesses that can help you achieve your goal of optimal health and wellness. When we are healthy, our entire community benefits!

Understanding Your Pain

The physiotherapists at Diane Lee & Associates are experts in the physical diagnosis of movement impairments and have taken several post-graduate courses in their specialty. They work to address the cause of your pain as opposed to merely treating your painful structures; by understanding how the whole body functions and how certain problems can impact other regions of the body. By not only treating you for your pain, but also empowering you with the knowledge to make the right changes in your own body, we are simply guides in your own healing process as you transform to live with a healthier, more active body.

Exercise to Boost Brain Power

Recent studies have shown that exercise can potentially help increase your brain’s capacity for learning, by creating new and larger neurons, as well as increased neuron connections, that can improve thinking and recalling (memories). The studies suggest that exercise seems to stimulate neurogenesis, which is the process of creating new neurons. Students who struggle with learning difficulties can experience stress and anxiety that may alter their learning capacity. Regular aerobic exercise can be part of a long-term solution to deal with stress and anxiety, and in turn boost the brain’s capacity to process and retain information.

Move More and Feel Better!

Many find it hard to stay active during the long winter days. Once spring arrives, aches and pains can stand in the way of carrying on as you remember. Joints, muscles, and tendons decondition rapidly. Often, a little bit of concerted effort can get you back on track. A proper diagnosis and treatment plan will outline realistic options. Non-surgical interventions are often sufficient. Recalcitrant problems may respond to precisely administered injections; ultrasound imaging and careful local anaesthesia make this well tolerated by virtually everyone. This smooth and effective treatment brings early and reliable improvement in pain, often allowing return to activity within days.

Dealing with Ankle Sprains

Q: I sprained my ankle. Now what?
A: Ankle sprains result in pain and swelling due to stretching or tearing of some of the ligaments surrounding the ankle. As these tears heal, they form scar tissue, which sticks to normal tissue and causes inflammation and continued pain. To treat a sprained ankle, follow the R.I.C.E. protocol (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) and avoid weight-bearing activities. Then see your family doctor or podiatrist. To help prevent sprains in the future, avoid rocky or uneven terrains, wear a firmer or more supportive shoe for better stability, and do ankle-strengthening exercises often.

Train Your Brain

Neurofeedback addresses imbalances that are going on in the brain, such as anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behaviour disorders, various sleep disorders, concussions, PTSD, and emotional disturbances. Neurofeedback is a computer-guided way to help train your brain to help you function better. The treatment uses a 21-channel brain map and database, the most comprehensive method to determine the brain locations and frequency bands that need attention. Most brains can be trained like any other part of your body, without drugs. In a matter of months, 2-3 hours/week can make lasting changes in how we think, feel, act, and perform—even in how our bodies work.

Understanding Investment Advisor Fees

When selecting and working with an investment advisor, you may be curious about what you are getting for your money. Your advisor should be able to tell you why their services warrant the fees they charge and why working with them will be more beneficial than managing your finances on your own. Services that investment advisors offer range from understanding your needs and goals, to providing investment advice, to offering reports on how your investments are doing, to aiding in estate/tax and insurance planning. These specialized and individual services ensure your money is working for you. Developing a trusting relationship with your investment advisor can help you understand their role in your financial world.

Laser Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation

If you’re trying to quit smoking once and for all, you’ve likely used a variety of products, from patches to gum to pills. The addictive qualities of cigarettes make smoking a tough habit to break, but there are safe and alternative measures you can take to remove this addiction from your life. Laser acupuncture is a non-invasive option that focuses on the three aspects of addiction: physical, using laser/electronic stimulation of acupressure points on your upper body; psychological, providing materials, tips, and one-on-one coaching; and detoxification, helping to eliminate cigarette toxins from your body.

Healthy Guts in Pets

When pets are young, it is important that the gut barrier be strengthened. Young animals are born with leaky or open guts. This allows absorption of immune system proteins from their mothers’ first milk that will protect them from disease. Young pets always need deworming, and sometimes prescriptions, to kill off parasites. The gut remains slightly open to protein absorption throughout life, and so veterinarians use an animal’s excrement to judge and manage reactivities to different foods. Healthy excrement is firm excrement usually, unless an animal is dehydrated.