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Run the Alps with ELM!

Coach Sarah Seads of Equilibrium Lifestyle Management (ELM) is teaming up with ‘Run the Alps’ to offer their first European Team ELM Travel Adventure in 2020. Runners will train with Seads for 5 months, beginning in February, then travel to Chamonix, France, where they will tackle the iconic Tour du Mont-Blanc trail at the end of July. The self-guided stage run, organized by Seads and ‘Run the Alps’ will circumnavigate Mont-Blanc, over 6 days, travelling 150kms from mountain hut to mountain hut, up and over the Alps and through 3 countries- Switzerland, Italy and France.

Runners will train with Seads for 5 months in preparation for the self guided staged adventure run in the Alps.

“Our 2020 Team will be more than ready to tackle this epic mountain running adventure in the Alps next summer. I have created a very specific, day by day training plan that will prepare each runner for the demands of running and trekking on back to back days on the Tour du Mont-Blanc. Our Team members can train with us from any where in the world, at the time and place that works for them, though the online training program. Working with Run the Alps we have created a unique, self-guided adventure running package for the Team, that covers everything from their arrival at the airport in Geneva, to accommodation and meals on and off the trail, gear transport from hut to hut and more. It is going to be an adventure to last a lifetime and I am so excited to support my Team, as their Coach, on this epic journey.” Sarah Seads

Seads has been offering Travel Adventures as part of her business, ELM, in the Comox Valley and around the globe since their first adventure in 2010 to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. ELM is celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2020 and this Travel Adventure will certainly be a memorable way to celebrate that big birthday. This bucket-list, self-guided, stage running adventure, will take place in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. For more information and to reserve a spot go to as space is very limited.

Walk for Arthritis – Winnipeg

The Walk for Arthritis is a one day community-based event that raises much needed funds for the more than 6 million Canadians affected by arthritis. The Walk for Arthritis was started in 2009 by small community groups who decided that people living with arthritis needed more support. They realized that if more funds could be raised, they might make a difference to their future.

This year we are excited to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our annual Walk for Arthritis in over 30 communities across Canada. Since its inception, the Walk for Arthritis has raised over $11 million. Let’s make our 10th anniversary a record breaking year.

On a single day (either Saturday June 1 or Sunday June 2 depending on where you live), people can come out to share the experience of walking 1km or 5km, among family and friends in a festive environment. Hear meaningful stories from people who face this disease every day, and meet the researchers that are really making headway in finding solutions that our investment in research can deliver. Experience the joy of being with inspiring people who actually find walking to be a big challenge because of the pain and limitations of arthritis. But they can move – so can you!

Since then, every June, in more than 30 communities across Canada, thousands of people have started their Saturday or Sunday by choosing to walk with and among people confronted with the pain and limitations of arthritis. And they leave truly inspired.

Join us this year as we celebrate our 10th Walk for Arthritis on June 2nd at Assiniboine Park. The day promises to be joyful, spirited and a day to be remembered.

Route Options: 1Km & 5Km 

Sign up to walk and pledge to raise funds to truly make a difference.

The Arthritis Society is proud to have the confidence of donors across the country that allows us to be the largest charitable funder of arthritis research. This means that the funds raised by the Walk for Arthritis make a world of difference to people affected by the disease. And since 1 in 5 people have the disease today, there is a good chance someone you know will benefit from the steps you take.

In under twenty years the prevalence of arthritis will grow by 50%. We have time to stop that trend, but only through investment in research.

This year we are celebrating our 10th Walk for Arthritis – help us make this the best year ever by joining the Walk for Arthritis community!

Faces Of Childhood Arthritis – Arthritis Society

Faces of Childhood Arthritis is re-imagined for 2019 as a camp-themed evening. Held at the picturesque woodland estate of The Gates on Roblin, this unique event will celebrate the joy of summer camp. From the menu to the entertainment and décor, guests will experience an evening reminiscent of those youthful summer experiences. Guests are invited to wear plaid to participate in the theme of the evening. Children aged 5 and older are welcome.

Reception 5:30 p.m., Dinner 6:30 p.m.

The event will include the opportunity to meet our incredible childhood arthritis ambassadors, who will share their stories. Dr. Kerstin Gerhold, Section Lead-Pediatric Rheumatology, will make a presentation about Childhood Arthritis and its impact on the child and family.

All proceeds from the event will subsidize the expense of running Manitoba’s Childhood Arthritis Camp to keep the children’s registration fee affordable for all families. Camp will be held July 17-21, 2019 at BB Camp in Lake of the Woods for kids aged 7 to 17 with a confirmed arthritis diagnosis.

To date, this event has raised over $90,000 to help children living in Manitoba with Childhood Arthritis (CA) and their families. Over 900 children in Manitoba are currently living with the challenges of CA. It affects more children than any other chronic disease – 3 per 1,000.
Arthritis Society supports and programs, such as Camp, help families cope with this lifelong diagnosis.

Attending camp can be one of the most exciting experiences of summer for children. Unfortunately, children with Childhood Arthritis are often unable to attend more traditional camps, which do not have the facilities, specialized medical staff, or modified activities to accommodate their Arthritis. Our camp will allow campers to not be defined or limited by their disease, but to just be kids.

Visit the event link below to learn more about purchasing tickets, or if you cannot attend, make a donation to directly support camp!

Family Gathering Tips

Family Gathering Tips. Enjoying the company of relatives you don’t see very often is one of the best parts of family gatherings.

Enjoy your day to the fullest by taking every opportunity you can to connect and speak an encouraging word to every person in attendance. In doing so, you will start a ton of great conversations and learn fun facts about your relatives. Here are a few more family gathering tips to help you make the most out of your time spent with loved ones.
Enjoy your Tribe to the Fullest with These Family Gathering Tips
1. Talk about past memories. If it’s an annual gathering that’s been going on since you were a kid, start a conversation to bring up some of the funny and heartwarming memories of years gone by. Include aunts, uncles, and cousins as you relive the “good ole days”.
2. Get into a conversation with your favorite relatives. If you just them a hug or a handshake and move on, you may be missing out on special stories and memories.
3. Changing up your surroundings where you normally host your gatherings are both great ways to encourage fresh conversation and connections. Make an effort to create a Family Gathering Committee. Rotate members in and out every gathering so everyone has a chance of honing their leadership and planning skills.
4. Crack a joke at an unexpected time, or grab a smaller group to go hunt down some hot chocolate.
5. Exchange phone numbers and emails with cousins and others you’ve grown distant from. You might have lost your childhood closeness, but why not bring that closeness back as adults? That way, when the next family gathering rolls around, you’ll already feel connected, both as family members and as friends.
6. Whip up some of your favorite recipes as a special treat. Or make it a recipe swap, either with or without the actual dishes. Start a fun new family tradition by creating a family “Secret Recipe” collection that can be added to over the years.
7. Create some completely new Family Traditions. Whether serious or funny, family traditions are the catalyst for bonding opportunities that can be continued for hundreds of years. Just make sure they’re memorable and a somehow representative of your family.

So, dust off your electronic family address book and plan a get-together. Gather for an annual winter marshmallow roast, a monthly poker game, or a quarterly brunch where you all wear your finest clothes and drink orange tea. After all, anything goes. It’s tradition!

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