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Support for Differently Abled People

In December we honour people who are differently abled in our communities. The United Nations launched the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy in 2019, with a focus on inclusive practices and policies; most importantly, in supporting employment opportunities and reducing inequality generally. If you are a differently abled person looking for opportunities to work, connect and be supported in your community, contact the Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre to learn about their commitment to the UN Inclusion Strategy. They provide services like smartphone/laptop support, connecting people with applications for disability and pension programs and getting an accessible parking permit.

Keeping Busy in the Winter

Winter can be chilly and uninviting. As the days grow short and cold, excursions become tricky in the ice and cold. If there is nothing to do, evenings become long. Take this time to explore new things; read a new author; and stretch your mind with a brain game; perhaps you prefer a puzzle; or you can learn an instrument! A home-care service can facilitate you or your loved one staying at home safely. They will get you to errands, help cook a lovely meal or just engage in some good old conversation; whatever is needed. We are happy to help.

Discover What Really Matters

“The secret to having everything in life is believing that you already have it.” Many seniors will tell you that the things that you thought mattered in your younger years were not really what mattered. What matters are the people, the experiences and the memories that you carry with you throughout your lifetime. The holiday season provides an opportunity to reminisce about special moments with your family, friends and loved ones. Sharing memories, stories and experiences is a great way to create new memories. These are more valuable than things. Give the gift of time this Holiday Season.

‘I hear you:’ Three words that let people know you care

We all want to be heard. It means that we are valued; that others care about us. When we aren’t heard, misunderstandings can arise. Opportunities can be missed.

Listening is one of the greatest gifts we can offer the people we love. What if the heart is willing but our ears aren’t up to the task?
Here are five reasons why getting your hearing tested will strengthen and enhance the important relationships in your life.
1. Improved intimacy

Sharing stories about both the ups and the downs of our lives creates a special bond in our closest relationships. It establishes trust and a sense of security. We need to be able to hear those stories.

2. Creating shared memories

If you remove yourself from family or social gatherings because you are apprehensive about being able to follow conversations, you’re missing out on all the little things that bind us together.

3. Being happy in the moment

When you can’t hear properly, you feel frustrated. And frustration turns to anger. Anger pushes people away from us and that’s not what we want, is it?

4. Making those moments count

We can waste a lot of time asking people to repeat themselves. Spend that time fully engaged with the person you’re talking with.

5. Listening is a show of love

We hate to break it to you but you’re probably not the only one who has noticed you’re having problems hearing. By being willing to do something about it, you are demonstrating that you understand the concerns of people who only want what’s best for you.

The team at HearingLife Canada can help. Click here to find a hearing centre near you or book your free hearing consultation here. Call 1-888-514-9515 if you want to be heard, too.

Stay Healthy While Travelling

Long-distance travel, either by air or land, can lead to a small risk of blood clots. If you have cancer, had recent surgery, abnormal blood clotting disorders or obesity you should be assessed by a healthcare practitioner before travelling. Tips to prevent blood clots during flights that every traveller can benefit from include; *Maintain adequate hydration as it also encourages mobilization, *Contract the calf muscles regularly or get up every 1-2 hours, *Wear below-knee graduated compression stockings, and *Choose an aisle seat when possible as it is proven to encourage mobilization. Talk to your pharmacist about ways to stay healthy while travelling.

Help is Available

December can be a challenging month at the best of times. Online gambling and sports betting have gained incredible popularity recently. Vulnerable people can be at an increased risk of developing gambling issues when combined with the financial and emotional stress the holiday season can bring. If gambling which was once a light-hearted and fun activity has become a coping mechanism for emotional and/or financial relief, reach out to VI Gaming Support. We are available by phone, text, email, social media (Facebook & Instagram) or online on our website. Our toll-free support line is open 24/7. You are not alone.

Make Life Accessible

Our knowledgeable experts enjoy making life accessible for everyone by identifying the unique needs of our clients and selecting solutions that fit their lifestyles. Let us help you make a difference in your life every day with the right mobility and home accessibility solutions, including *wheelchairs, *stairlifts, *walkers, *power lift recliners, *bathroom safety items and more. “Because Motion isn’t a place, it’s a partnership.” Monthly payments are now available with financing from humm Canada.

Do You Feel Emotional?

The holiday season can be an emotional time; a time of loving reunions, heartfelt connections and joy or it may be filled with obligations, expectations and old memories. You may feel a full range of emotions from happy to sad. Be gentle with yourself in allowing any emotions you feel at this time. The holidays are an opportunity to nurture ourselves while giving and receiving. A Certified Body Code/Emotion Code Practitioner can help you release any unprocessed negative (trapped) emotions to make this season easier for you. Call today for a complimentary information session. Are you searching for wellness talk topics? Let’s chat!

Community Profile: Accura Denture Clinic

Accura Denture Clinic, located in Parksville, at French Creek Landing, has produced personal, handcrafted dentures for 28 years. They believe that your dentures should be as unique as you are. Their services include; new dentures, partial dentures and implant-supported dentures. Maintenance of existing dentures is very important; they provide relines, rebases, repairs, equilibration, tooth additions and adjustments. At the clinic, they also offer a complete line of denture care products including; cleaning solutions, containers and denture brushes. They would be pleased to have you join their family of satisfied customers. Contact them today for personalized service.

Gambling Awareness and Education

Gambling has become progressively more complex with the growth of online gambling products worldwide, including sports betting apps, websites, as well as a variety of in-person and lottery products. Vancouver Island Gaming Support (VIGS) helps navigate this emerging landscape. VIGS contracts with Gambling Support BC (GSBC) to offer education and awareness workshops to anyone in the community interested in learning more about gambling-related topics. Topics include seniors and casinos, young adults and sports betting, affected families and friends, brain chemistry and behavioural addictions and more. We also provide outreach support and counselling services at no charge. We are here to help.