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Enriched Living in 2024

In retirement homes, seniors are redefining their golden years with purposeful goals. Far from idle, residents are embracing hobbies, exercises and wellness programs they never had time for before. The pursuit of mental and physical wellness remains a priority, fostering a sense of vitality. Amidst the serene setting of retirement homes, seniors are crafting a narrative of fulfillment, proving that age doesn’t diminish the zest for life; instead, it enriches it. Dynamic hubs where the pursuit of personal goals is complemented by the joy of shared moments, proving that a fulfilling and vibrant life is possible.

It’s a New Year! Create a New You!

It is time to remove any negative thoughts that have accumulated during the past year. Negative attitudes and thoughts can be harmful to your health and well-being. They can create chronic stress, which may damage your immune system, upset your hormone balance and cause other health issues. Let me help you create a successful 2024 by helping you remove negative thoughts. Call today for a complimentary information session and discover how to release those negative patterns that no longer serve you. Are you searching for wellness talk topics? Let’s chat!

Supporting Our Communities

Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) is an annual event that supports people in our communities who have experienced homelessness. This fundraiser helps ICCS run programs that provide shelter, care and holistic support to help them step forward to independence and hope. CNOY 2024 takes place on February 24th, 2024, drawing individuals together to support the cause through raising money as well as taking part in a 2 km or 5 km walk. Across Canada, over 180 communities are involved with CNOY, supported by people who care about their communities and the most vulnerable people who live in them.

Smoking Cessation Action Plan

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to stop smoking? Your pharmacist can provide advice and guide you through this journey. Here’s an action plan: *Choose a starting point—pick a date, tell your friends and family, and ask them for support. *Meet your pharmacist to help determine how dependent you are on nicotine. *Follow a personalized treatment plan; your pharmacist can prescribe a tailored solution, including nicotine replacement products. *Reward yourself when you’re progressing. Many benefits of a smoke-free life can be felt in the long term, and some benefits are almost instant, so keep on going!

Welcome 2024!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to concentrate on health and wellness? The WellnessHub, our local, online Health and Wellness resource has great information to help you with your health and wellness journey. It features hundreds of health tips and articles on a variety of health and wellness topics along with a directory of hundreds of local businesses and practitioners offering services and products. It is easy to search, access and share information. While you are checking out the WellnessHub, don’t forget to enter the January Contest. The draw date is January 31, 2024. Happy New Year!

Giving Hope When the Cupboards Are Bare

What is expected to be the worst winter for food insecurity in Canadian history is now upon us. Residents who never had to ask for help before find themselves reaching out, including families with two working adults. Seniors are also having to make tough choices between buying groceries or paying for medications. That’s why SOS’s Winter Emergency Fund is such a lifesaver, providing vouchers for groceries, propane and other basic needs to support residents who are experiencing hardship. To make a difference this winter, donate on our website, call us or come by our Community Services Center in Parksville. Thank you.

Winter Weather Tips

Baby, it’s cold outside! Be sure to protect yourself against the weather and slippery conditions during these chilly months. Older adults tend to be more susceptible to the cold because of reductions in body fat, so please make sure you dress warmly if you’re venturing out. Also, wear waterproof shoes or boots with good soles that will keep you from slipping on icy surfaces. Be mindful of space heaters in your home, as they can be a fire hazard. Better wear that fetching sweater you’ve been saving! We’ve just had fall prevention month, so let’s keep that going all winter long!

Remove ‘Unwanteds’ from Your Skin

Do you suffer from ‘unwanteds’ on your skin that keep you from enjoying life to the fullest? Covering them up can be time consuming and often does not provide satisfactory results. Laser Skin Rejuvenation helps take away the need to cover up those pesky veins on your nose, chin or cheeks and can remove/fade spots that come with the privilege of growing older. Laser Skin Rejuvenation can help remove: *Age & Sun Spots, *Dull Skin, *Pigmentation, *Rosacea, *Broken Capillaries/Veins, *Fine Lines & Wrinkles and *Freckles. Removing ‘unwanteds’ from your skin allows your true beauty to shine through and increases your emotional & mental well-being.

Time to Reflect

Happy New Year! Another year has come, and, as always, the start of a new year brings about some reflection. Do you need some changes? Are you contemplating a move? Maybe you’re tired of the day-to-day chores of meal prep, cleaning and yard maintenance or you’re feeling somewhat lonely. If so, there are great options available. For independent living and assisted living, many retirement communities can cater to your interests, wants and needs. Book your tours to see what is available as far as retirement lifestyles go; it is never too soon to start exploring.

Making New Holiday Traditions

The first holiday season after a move to a senior community can sometimes be stressful and difficult for your senior loved one. Creating new traditions can help with the transition and make the holiday season less stressful for everyone. Although your family holiday events may have been held at your senior loved one’s home in the past, holding gatherings at another family member’s home going forward can make things easier. Have your senior loved one help with one or two tasks that keep them involved without overwhelming them, and take advantage of the many fun holiday events this season!

Making Christmas Magic

For 55 years, the SOS Caring for Community at Christmas program has been creating the magic of Christmas for local residents in need. With community support, we can make sure local children and youth wake up to find a special gift under their tree on Christmas morning. Families and individuals will receive grocery store gift cards so they can choose food that is important to them. You can support the program with a financial donation. Help fill the SOS Toy Shop by donating a new, unwrapped gift. For more information on how to support the program or to register, visit the SOS website.