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Hemp-Derived Wellness Product Review

ACTIVE RELEAF is about the movement to embrace mother nature and the powerful healing ingredients she provides us with. We explore options to help both physical and mental well-being. ACTIVE RELEAF is about being good to ourselves. Providing unique and innovative products made from plants which can provide life changing benefits. These hemp-derived products are made for all lifestyles whether you are in need of everyday wellness products to support various ailments, or you are a competitive athlete, their high quality broad spectrum hemp-derived products, that are rich in cannabinoids, are made for you.


With the February 29th RRSP contributions deadline fast approaching, many Canadians will be hoping for a tax refund and then wondering what to do with it. This is where discipline comes in. Forgo that instant gratification and put it into your TFSA, which is a 100% tax exempt account. If you don’t do RRSP contributions or have no room, then concentrate on a TFSA. Dismiss the thought that a TFSA is for short-term savings and instead think of it as a retirement wealth-building tool on par with the RRSP. The current cumulative maximum allowable contribution for TFSAs stands at $69,500.

Tea and Toast Syndrome

“Tea and toast syndrome” refers to malnutrition in seniors when a lack of desire or inability to prepare and/or eat proper meals results in them relying on simpler meals like tea and toast. Seniors who skip meals almost daily, have gained/lost more than 10 pounds in the past six months, take medications, have dental issues, or have a disability can be at risk for malnutrition. Some common signs to watch for include unexplained weight loss, fatigue, memory issues, digestive issues, a weak immune system, muscle weakness, and anemia. There are support services available to help seniors eat well and regularly!

Community Announcement

Did you know that Health Canada now requires providers offering stem cell procedures to obtain formal approval through submitting a clinical trial application? Pagdin Health is the first clinic in Canada to submit a clinical trial application to Health Canada for using stem cells in osteoarthritis. If you are considering a stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis to a major joint (excluding neck and spine), we’ll give you a no obligation second opinion! Book your call with Dr. Pagdin by calling 250-717-3200.

Gaining the Mental Edge

Athletes are always looking to get into “the zone” – a balance of attention, concentration, and confidence. Quick thinking is crucial to making decisions that can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Neurofeedback is a tool that allows for identifying the areas of an athlete’s brain that are responsible for mental flexibility, task switching, and rapid decision-making. This allows an athlete to control how their brain reacts to stress, which in turn can help achieve peak performance. Neurofeedback training can help an athlete increase their cognitive abilities, while reducing the white noise of distractions around them.

Mental Health Resources

Did you know that the Canadian Mental Health Association has information online regarding different mental health issues? As well, your local Canadian Mental Health Association branch can answer any questions you may have and provide services to the public. Workshops and courses are another great way to learn about these issues. The Canadian Mental Health Association along with other organizations in your community offer this service. Research what organizations are around you and call them to find out times, dates and whether courses are available for free at a cost. Visit your local library to take advantage of free resources or head to a bookstore or shop online to purchase.

Take Charge of Your Health

Over 500 peer-reviewed research studies confirm that yoga therapy can help relieve some of the symptoms associated with many health conditions, including chronic pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression. Yoga therapy teaches you safe and gentle practical methods to decrease your pain or immobility by relaxing, breathing better, aligning your body, and increasing balance, mobility, and strength. Using yoga therapy, you can calm your mind and refocus to help manage stress and improve sleep, which can lead to feeling better physically overall. Consider using the healing properties of yoga therapy to take charge of your health!

Tackling Bladder Issues

Childbirth, normal aging, and menopause can all create bladder issues for women that cause them to curtail exercise, work, and social commitments. Weakened bladder muscles and other issues can cause bladder problems like pain, incontinence, or urinary frequency that many may feel embarrassed about. If you are tired of planning your life around your bladder and want to take more control, a visit to a gynecologist can help you get your life back. They may prescribe pelvic floor exercise and/or medications, or they may suggest laser therapy or offer surgery to help alleviate the symptoms.

Knee Replacements Outside of Hospitals

Total knee replacement is the most definitive treatment for advanced osteoarthritis. This procedure is typically done in a hospital setting, with 3-5 days of hospital stay. In recent years, it has become clear that healthy individuals can be discharged from the hospital on the day of their surgery, to safely and conveniently recover at home. Having surgery done at a medical centre provides a welcome alternative to hospitals. This can help reduce complications associated with hospitalization, and for many patients, the convenience and comfort of being at home with family is much preferred over the rustle and bustle of a busy surgical ward.

Addictions Can be Beat!

All behaviour serves a purpose, and substance abuse is no exception. The calming effects of alcohol may provide feelings similar to those of love and connection. Cocaine use makes people feel elated and full of energy – attractive feelings for someone who feels “numb”. If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance abuse problem, remember: the opposite of addiction is connection. Do your best to build community around those who are suffering. Seek a counsellor who can identify healthier ways of coping and support those transitioning out of problematic use. Help is out there – please reach out!

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Most pain that we experience is related to trigger points in our muscles. Trigger points – contractions or knots in the muscle – result in pain and will lead to symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, back pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis or other myofascial pain conditions. Vitamin oxidative therapy and hyaluronic acid can be injected into muscle contractions to alleviate pain, numbness and stiffness in muscles, tendons and ligaments to regenerate and repair tissue. The treatment is simple and safe, and results in targeted relief from specific trigger point pain anywhere on the body.