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Meet Your Local Financial Expert

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Doug Buss is honoured to be celebrating his 34th year in the financial services industry. Doug was born and raised in Winnipeg, is married to his beautiful wife Loreen and they proudly have 5 children and one awesome grandson. At Your Style Financial, Doug focuses on the complete financial picture, not just investments or insurance products. He works to develop a Personal Financial Action Plan detailing your personal objectives, so you can achieve your goals and ultimately your dreams. Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

A Balanced Outlook on Life

Many circumstances in life are beyond our control. Experts claim that our stresses most often have to do with how we interact with ourselves, our world, and others. Many people even take medications to help them cope with problematic situations. Luckily there is a drug free and effective treatment. It is called cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). CBT explores and addresses what lies beneath the surface and equips you with skills to take control of what you have control over – your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Being in control helps you manage life’s challenging situations in ways that are realistic, balanced and healthy for mind and body.

Fall Back Into Fitness!

September is coming and what better time to start a new fitness plan! The kids are back in school and summer vacation is in the rear-view mirror, which makes getting into a fitness routine that much easier. Take some much-needed time to focus on you! Just 30 minutes dedicated to your workout, this is often referred to as “The best 30 minutes of the day!” Start September off with a challenge at 30 Minute Hit! We are having a Sticker Challenge! This is a great way to stay committed and a chance to win some prizes! Book your Free Trial today and find out all the details.

Daily Routine Important for Seniors

People are afraid of the unknown. If an older adult is losing control over their physical abilities, independence, or cognitive abilities, their world gets filled with more and more unknowns. Establishing routine is extremely important for seniors. A daily routine offers a level of stability that individuals often enjoy, as it allows them to settle into a schedule they understand. Doing the same basic activities like eating, dressing, and bathing at the same time every day is known to improve sleep quality. A predictable routine also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Prepare & Strengthen Your Immune System

Do you have an underlying health condition that stops your immune system from protecting you the way it should? In today’s world you need a healthy body and immune system to protect yourself. Now is the perfect time to strengthen your immune system and increase your body’s ability to fight off infection. Your body needs to stock up on the immune boosting essentials it requires to fight the flu virus and Covid-19. Specific nutrients for the adrenals, spleen, lungs and lymph nodes are vital to boost your immunity. Now is the time to give your body what it needs to prepare for the months ahead.

Our Bodies Hold Our Stories

When there is something you are not allowing yourself to feel, admit or acknowledge and we stuff the unexpressed feeling down, it becomes an energy form that stresses the body. It starts when an uncomfortable emotion doesn’t want to be felt or experienced. We ignore and bury our intolerable feelings to forget about them. This energy tenses muscles, lessens blood flow and eventually becomes illness, pain, or dis-ease. The hidden process of stuffing our emotions is called “somaticizing”. When your body is asked to hold an emotional state for too long, it begins manifesting into physical symptoms or creates an addiction to keep it at bay.

Words to Live By

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. – John F. Kennedy

Natural Product Spotlight

Try Natural 2-in-1 Willow Bark Conditioning Shampoo by Herbs and Butters Skincare – made right here in Manitoba! This all-natural 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo is the perfect blend of nature and science. This deeply penetrating conditioning shampoo removes excess dirt and oil while conditioning the hair and scalp with plant-derived proteins. Minimizes shedding, stimulates hair growth, and clarifies scalp with Willow Bark extract. Daily use of this gentle yet effective, pH-balanced, conditioning shampoo will result in healthy, lustrous hair and long-lasting cleanliness. An excellent solution for all hair types, this product is free of sulfates, silicones and harsh chemicals.

Releasing What No Longer Serves You

Having the courage to let go of what is no longer needed or serves you in your life helps make the space for something new to emerge, even if you can not see it yet. Our expectations, worries and fears of what’s to come keep us bound from fully living in the present moment and enjoying the process, appreciating what we do have. Our world as we know it is changing at a rapid pace. Important to declutter and let go from the inside out so we can find an inner freedom, lighten the load and bring our best versions of ourselves to make our world a more loving place to be.

Fitness Spotlight: 30 Minute Hit

Have you been looking for a new fun work out? The 30 Minute Hit is a high intensity action packed boxing/kickboxing circuit. Designed just for women, each 2-minute round based on boxing, kickboxing, general self-defense, and core stability training, will challenge you to improve your fitness and reward you with amazing results. Fast paced, inspiring and empowering, this one of a kind workout appeals to all levels of fitness in a friendly non-intimidating environment. Be part of a fun community and get fit doing it! Get your heart pumping, clear your mind and transform your body faster than you could ever imagine!

How’s Your Sleep Posture?

You spend nearly 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping, making your sleep posture extremely important to your daily wellbeing. Ideally, your head should remain in a neutral position. When side sleeping, if the pillow is too thick or thin, the neck becomes side flexed with one side being compressed while the other side is stretched; this can lead to compressed nerves. “Head forward posture” which is a jutting forward of the chin, is becoming more prominent with increased cell phone usage. Add to that a back sleeper with more than one pillow, the neck muscles are in a constant state of contraction trying to return to their normal length. Being pro-active could save you from a real “pain in the neck” later.